Daily Newspapers

In 2012 Canada's daily newspaper circulation (paid and free) stood at 6,011,066 copies on an average publishing day and 35,964,745 copies over the course of a week.

Each year, Newspapers Canada produces a Circulation Data Report for daily newspapers. The report calculates paid and free circulation levels based on ABC, CMCA, CCAB or owner-provided data and provides analysis based on the average number of copies sold per publishing day (traditional method) and the total number of copies sold per week or customer cycle (neo-traditional method).

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Community Newspapers

 As of June 2013 there are 1,019 community newspapers in Canada and more than 1,100 editions. Community newspapers publish more than 19.6 million copies each week and the majority of circulation is free (controlled) accounting for 18.6 million copies weekly. Community newspapers publish in both broadsheet and tabloid formats, although 87% of all editions are tabloids.

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