Ownership: Community Newspapers

Currently, of the 1,031 community newspapers in Canada, 610 are corporately owned by one of 9 major corporate owners. The top corporate owners are as follows: Quebecor/Sun Media, 165; Torstar/Metroland Media Group, 112; Transcontinental Media, 101; Black Press, 84; Glacier Media Group, 76; Brunswick News, 20; Great West Newspapers, 18; Department of National Defence, 12 and Multimedia Nova, 12.

Major Corporate Owners:
("Major" is defined as owning 10 or more community newspapers in CCNA)

  • Black Press Group Ltd.
  • Brunswick News Inc.
  • G.T.C. Transcontinental Group Ltd.
  • Glacier Media Group
  • Great West Newspapers, LP.
  • Multimedia Nova Corporation
  • Quebecor/Sun Media Corporation
  • Torstar/Metroland Media Group Ltd.


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