Press Complaints

Do you have a complaint about something published in a daily or community newspaper?

The first step is to contact your newspaper's public editor or ombudsman. This individual is in charge of receiving and investigating concerns from newspaper readers about materials published in print on online. It is their duty to monitor the journalistic practices at the newspaper and act as a liaison to the public.

If you have already contacted the paper and feel that your issue has not been resolved, you may choose to contact your local press council. Individuals and organizations who are concerned about the ethical conduct of a newspaper in gathering and publishing editorial and advertising content can file a complaint with their local press council by following the links below.

Please note: Press councils will only address a complaint after the complainant has communicated directly with the newspaper in question. Contact the public editor or ombudsman to share any comments or concerns you have before contacting your local press council. 

All of Canada’s press councils are non-governmental, non-profit organizations that have been established to receive and adjudicate public complaints regarding press performance.

If you have a question regarding press councils, please contact Newspapers Canada CEO John Hinds at