Rules – Extra Awards


  • Entries must have been created and produced in Canada.
  • Entries must have been published in a Canadian newspaper OR on a Canadian newspaper platform (website, mobile or tablet) OR via Canadian newspaper media on behalf of a client (e.g. event, twitter campaign, e-mail campaign)
  • “Newspaper” applicable to: paid and free daily newspapers, and community newspapers.
  • If an ad has won in a prior year, it is no longer eligible.
  • Entries must have run between JUNE 1, 2013 and MAY 31, 2014.
  • All decisions by the judges regarding eligibility and awards are final.
  • Entries are all electronic and will be open on May 1, 2014.

Deadline for entries: Thursday, July 3, 2014

All entries submitted will become the property of Newspapers Canada.

Entry Fee (Non-refundable

$75.00 single
$100.00 campaign


Print Newspaper

1. Automotive (Corporate / Brand)
2. Auto Dealer
3. Food, Beverages and Drug
4. Entertainment and Media Outlets
5. Fashion, Accessories and Home
6. Corporate and Financial
7. Public Service and Advocacy
8. Travel, Tourism, Transportation
9. Retail
10. Small Space Ad (1/4 page or less)
11. Advertorial/Native Advertising
12. Ad Supplement (flyer, special Section or magazine)
13. Local Ad: Product advertised must be local, run in one market only
14. National Ad: National Advertiser that ran in one or more markets
15. Best Use of Print Newspaper Medium

Digital Newspaper

16. Online Ad on Newspaper Website: Any category
17. Mobile Ad in Newspaper Mobile Product: Any category
18. Tablet Ad in Newspaper Tablet Product: Any category

Cool other categories

19. Copywriting
20. Multimedia Campaign: 2 or more ads for same advertiser appearing in multiple, different newspaper media (e.g. print, website, tablet, mobile, etc.)
21. Innovation: Going beyond print newspapers. Using any newspaper media to promote an advertiser in a new or unique way, that may or may not include the print newspaper (e.g. such as a twitter campaign, events, e-mail program, etc.).

Tips for Entry:

  • Campaigns consist of a minimum of 2 ads.
  • You are welcome to enter the same ad in as many categories as applicable (note: entry fee required for each entry) as the same ad can win multiple times.
  • Ads can be entered as both single ads and separately as part of a campaign. This is encouraged as it gives great ads the opportunity to be awarded appropriately. For instance, a single ad may be a Gold winner, while as a campaign the group is a Bronze winner.
  • All ads are summited electronically but if this does not highlight the entry to its fullest, you are welcome to submit a further description and/or a hard copy sample (neither of these is required).
  • What is the difference between the categories: “Best use of print newspaper medium” and “Innovation”? The best use of print newspaper is for an ad(s) that appeared in the print product in a unique way. For the Innovation category, the print newspaper may or may not have been used but the ad/promotion was undertaken by a newspaper organization in a new or clever way.