Reporting late or non-delivery of mail

From time to time, newspaper staff or readers will report late or non-delivery of their newspaper by Canada Post. In such instances, publishers should contact Canada Post's Commercial Service Network.

What is the Commercial Service Network?

The Commercial Service Network is a help centre within Canada Post that is specially equipped to investigate problems encountered by commercial customers. Commercial services include Publications Mail and Unaddressed Admail--the two services used by community newspapers.

How do I report my problem?

The following are instructions for contacting the Commercial Service Network. Read them in their entirety before you call.

Be sure to have the following on hand when you call:

  1. Your Canada Post customer number.
  2. As much detail as you are able to gather about the problem, such as:
  • When and where the mailing was deposited
  • The subscriber’s mailing address
  • A detailed history of late deliveries, if any
  • Details of a change in delivery pattern, if any (for example, “It always used to arrive on time, but the subscriber didn’t receive their January 8 newspaper, and their January 15 paper arrived ten days late. And the subscriber’s mailing address has not changed.”)

Canada Post - Commercial Service Network
Toll-Free: 1-866-757-5480


  • Press 1 for English.

[AT THE NEXT STEP, you may be asked to key in your customer number, followed by the # key. Otherwise, proceed to the next step below.]

  • If you are calling regarding an existing issue and know the extension of a specific agent, you may enter it at this point. Otherwise, proceed to the next step below.
  • Press 1 for "Help with a mailing…"
  • Press 3 for "Issues related to an existing mailing."

[AT THIS POINT, your call will be transferred to a Commercial Service Network representative, who will take down the details of your complaint and give you a service ticket number. They will let you know what their next steps will be and will contact you with their findings. If you do not hear back, you can also call them and give your service ticket number so that they can look it up in their system and advise you of any progress in their investigation.]


Note: The Commercial Service Network is the most effective avenue for reporting and resolving Publications Mail and Unaddressed Admail issues. Do not report delivery issues to Canada Post's regular customer service department, or to your regional postmaster.

For assistance with your specific concerns, or if you have any questions, please contact Tina Ongkeko, Managing Director, Member Services, at